The Vampires of New England Series

The Vampires of
New England

The Story

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All the Shadows of the Rainbow

The Story

In the spring of 1955, new-minted vampire Diana Chilton rejoins civilization after the Fae boot her out of her self-pity, and attends a gathering in Boston with the magical Order she was raised in. She is surprised when a long-absent old friend, Jack Garrett, recognizes her as a vampire and seems intrigued. Jack proposes that he and Diana start a secret magical group and use their training and powers to manifest political and social change--exactly what Diana had wanted to do for many years.

With two other highly gifted magicians, David Hofstein and April McFarland, Jack and Diana form their coven. They devote themselves to regular magical sessions aimed at manipulating and changing other people, building a "network" in another reality which takes on a life of its own. At Jack's suggestion, they begin using powerful drugs to enhance their sessions. The four move into a communal household and dedicate their entire lives to their magic.

As the years pass, April, David and Diana slowly begin to question the wisdom of what they're doing and whether they can trust Jack. After a devastating reality check in November, 1963, and with other interests calling each of them, the three quit the group. Coldly angry, Jack packs his things and disappears.

Meanwhile, Diana had been collecting elusive clues about several other vampires both Jack and Thomas Morgan had told her about. After a year of wandering, she tracks down one of them. Born Edward Tillinger and now using the name Troy Stevenson, he has joined a group of friends who plan to live communally and grow organic vegetables in the small town of Sheridan, Massachusetts. Diana joins the communards, feeling that she's truly come home. But her past with Jack and the coven is far from over.

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