Starting Over…

So, this blog got zapped. It’s entirely my fault. GoDaddy ported some of my hosted sites over to a new management system, Plesk, and their associated WordPress blogs didn’t move with them. I messed up trying to fix this one and ended up re-installing it when I shouldn’t have, irrevocably zeroing out the database and losing the customized formatting.

There wasn’t too much of substance lost; I mostly posted my convention programming schedules here.

I have no definite convention schedules as yet, although I hope to be on some program items at Readercon and Albacon, both of which are virtual this year. I’ve actually been volunteering for more conventions, as a Zoom host. I helped host Zoom panels for Arisia and Boskone, and am considering whether I can take on volunteering for future conventions.

Thanks to a grant from Independent Publishers of New England, two of the books in the Vampires of New England series–The Longer the Fall and All the Shadows of the Rainbow–have new covers. I’m doing tons of writing, but it’s all for the weekly town newspaper I now publish, The Winchendon Courier. You might find my editorials to be entertaining!

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