Inanna Arthen

Photo Editing and Manipulation

eBook Conversion

Print Book Design

Graphic Design

Photo Editing

Original Art

Cover for Cat the Vamp

original photofinished cover
I isolated the figure from the original background, adjusted the tone and color, placed it on a new background, added shadowing, and hand-painted in details including strands of hair and the figure's thumbs, which were cut off in the original photo.

Simple Photo Adjustment

original photoadjusted photo
The author wanted the low lighting to be brightened and the colors more natural; to do this without fading the sprig of green, I separated out the green garnish and adjusted its colors independently from the adjustment of the rest of the photo.

Background Match and Replace Foreground

original photoadjusted photo
(Details from unused cover design) The author had a cover image in jpeg format, and I suggested that her name was rather small and hard to read. I covered the green box with an exact match of the yellow plaid background and then placed her name on top of it in larger font. (Then I designed a completely different cover for her, but that's another story!)