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November 7, 2013

Author Interview and Guest Blog Posts

I have an author interview today on the Bibliophilic Book Blog: Interview with Inanna Arthen.

On October 31, I was a guest blogger for the Halloween blogathon on Nights of Passion blog: Tricking the Eye, Treating the Imagination.

Many thanks to Star and Susan Hanniford Crowley for hosting me on their blogs!

October 31, 2013

Guest Blog Post and Free Books!

I’m guest-blogging today on Susan Hanniford Crowley’s Nights of Passion blog! “Treating the Eye, Tricking the Imagination” Answer a question (it’s thoughtful, not trivia) to be entered in the giveaway contest for copies of both All the Shadows of the Rainbow and The Longer the Fall.

And don’t miss the one-day-only Halloween BOGO special for the Vampires of New England Series! Until midnight (Eastern Time), October 31, if you buy any ebook edition of All the Shadows of the Rainbow directly from the publisher, you can request a free download code for one of the other books in the series (Mortal Touch or The Longer the Fall). Direct downloads are securely managed via Choose epub, mobi (Kindle) or PDF editions. Go to By Light Unseen Media’s Facebook Page for details (and Like Us while you’re there!).

October 26, 2013

Guest blogging on Midnyte Reader

My guest blog post, “Have Yourself an Old-Fashioned Halloween,” is up on the Midnyte Reader book blog. Many thanks to Midnyte Reader for giving me the opportunity!

September 28, 2013

All the Shadows of the Rainbow released on Sept. 30!

All the Shadows of the Rainbow, Book 3 of the Vampires of New England Series, will be officially released on September 30.

Set in the period of American history from 1955 through 1971, All the Shadows of the Rainbow begins immediately after the conclusion of 2010′s The Longer the Fall, as new vampire Diana Chilton returns to civilization after her attempt to escape from reality in the Maine woods. Reconnecting with people and places from her old life for the first time, she travels to Boston for the spring Beltene rites and meets a friend from her distant past: Jack Garrett, best buddy of her ex-lover Gregory Fitzhughes. Jack is the only magician Diana meets who recognizes her as a vampire, and Diana tells him the whole story of how she came to be one. He suggests that the two of them pursue the dream that had originally drawn her to Maine: creating a magical group that will manipulate people and events to catalyze social change.

I took two years longer to finish this book than I expected (alert readers may recall that I initially projected a release date of 2011, the year after The Longer the Fall came out). Most of those two years were devoted to research on the period: contemporary memoirs, fiction, news coverage and other writings, and hours of documentaries and film/video footage. Just as with The Longer the Fall, I did “total immersion research,” absorbing contemporary materials until I internalized the thinking, vernacular speech, assumptions and “conventional wisdom” of the day, as much as possible. I avoided secondary sources and other people’s fictionalizations of the era; believe it or not, I have never seen even one single episode of Mad Men.

The closer to the release date that I came, the more that current events seemed to echo those in the book. Two questions kept coming up:

If you had the power to manipulate and control, magically, the minds, decisions and attitudes of other people, would you use that power?

And if you would use it, how far might you be tempted to go?

I found myself wandering off into daydreams about being able to influence, say, all the Tea Partiers to resign, or every single Wal*Mart employee in the world to walk off the job for a week (which would bring the Waltons’ empire to its knees and get the workers any condition they asked for). But if I could, would I really do it?

Would you?

May 27, 2012

The “50 Shades of My Life That I’ll Never Get Back” Giveaway!

Did you read any or all of the 50 Shades books and now require some literary therapy? A chaser, of sorts, to rinse the taste out of your stunned mental palate? Something to restore your shaken faith that there are good books out there? Reassurance that yes, it is safe to read again?

Then I have a giveaway offer for you!

Send me an email saying “I need something to read after 50 Shades, please help!” and I’ll send you a code number for a free download of one book in The Vampires of New England Series (your choice), in your preferred format (epub, mobi [Kindle] or PDF).

All I ask in return is that you post a review of the book somewhere (your choice: Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, your own blog, etc.) after you read it!

The two available titles are:

Mortal Touch (a little sex, rated PG-13)

The Longer the Fall (more sex, rated R)

Click on each title to read more about each book. A sample (PDF) is available for each one.

Send an email to iarthen [at] inannaarthen [dot] com before 11:59 p.m. EDT on Thursday, May 31, and I’ll send you the code. Don’t forget to say what format of ebook you want! Ebook downloads are facilitated by

Of course, if you read any or all of the 50 Shades books and really loved them, but you still think you might enjoy The Vampires of New England Series, you may have a free ebook, too! Just send me an email, and please post a review of the book when you can.

Don’t wait! Giveaway ends when May does!

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