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October 6, 2010

My schedule at Albacon this weekend

This coming weekend, October 7-10, is Albacon, in Albany, New York. If you’re a writer, aspiring writer or avid reader, this is the place to be on Columbus Day weekend! There’s a reception on Thursday evening, and the convention opens with an all-day Writers’ Workshop on Friday. Here’s what I’ll be doing at Albacon, with descriptions and other participants. All of this is subject to last-minute changes, of course–it’s a convention!


Squire, 60 mins
Out of the Word Processor and Into the Bookstore
You’ve sold your manuscript and signed the contract. What happens to your book now? Learn all the steps of a book’s journey from author’s submission to readers’ hands, as hardcover, paperback and ebook editions. It’s a long road with more twists and turns than you might think, especially in the digital age.
with Ron Miller (Artist Guest of Honor), Ian Randal Strock


Squire, 60 mins
Vampires: Sparkling or Bloody?
Vampires: rotting corpses who feed on human vitality or dreamy sparkly beautiful mopey demi-gods? Discuss.
with Susan Hanniford Crowley, Elizabeth Darvill, Jackie Kessler (Moderator), KT Pinto, Morven Westfield
(I almost recused myself from this one. I get so exasperated by all the misinformation that gets repeated over and over and over about vampire folklore and fiction, I tend to make an obnoxious ass of myself on vampire panels. I was really hoping I would be assigned to moderate so all I’d have to do is ask questions and smile. With friends and BLUM’s newest author on this panel with me, I better be nice! :-( Maybe I’ll just put my foot in my mouth before I talk.)

Albany, 60 mins.
Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Readers: C. Margery Kempe, K.A. Laity, Roberta Rogow, Morven Westfield
A “rapid fire reading” is the reading equivalent of the tapas bar–delight your ear’s palate with a varied sampling of short excerpts by members of Broad Universe, the only organization dedicated to supporting and promoting women writers of SF/F/H.

Albany, 60 mins
Solo Reading
I may read from more than one work, and I may read an excerpt from my work-in-progress, All the Shadows of the Rainbow and invite comments from my listeners. I’m still putting it all together, though!

Squire, 60 mins
Connecting with Readers Workshop
What does it take to reach readers? How do you cultivate a relationship with your fans?
with Stella Price (Moderator)

Con Suite, 2 hours
By Light Unseen Media Meet and Greet
By Light Unseen Media takes over the Con Suite to celebrate a great year in 2010 so far, and our newest release, Blood Justice, by David Burton. We’ll have some good food, a little music, books, conversation, and BLUM authors Inanna Arthen and KT Pinto (if we can coax her away from the Masquerade!). Drop in and say hello!

Town, until whenever
Steamy Romance Reading
The stories don’t have to be scorching, but it helps! This is a 18+ event. Attendees will have the chance to win some swag thanks to Authors After Dark.
with Kimi Alexandre, Susan Hanniford Crowley, Bianca D’Arc, Elizabeth Darvill, Kayleigh Jamison, C. Margery Kempe, Jo Lynne Valerie, Kit Marlowe, Stella Price, Morven Westfield
(It sure does get hot in Albany on Saturday night! We’ve all got some juicy pieces to read, so bring a cold drink along!)


Town, 60 mins
Small Press: The Good, the Bad and the Surprising
As the dinosaurs of publishing lumber along wondering about this ebook thing, are the nimble mammals of the small press your best bet?
with Bianca D’Arc, CJ Henderson, David Hartwell, Peter Prellwitz, Michael A. Ventrella
(I am totally unbiased and objective about this topic. No, really. Switzerland’R'Us. And if you believe that…:-) )

All information about registering, hotel rooms (rooms are still available), and the complete program are on the Albacon website. Hope to see you there!

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July 17, 2009

My schedule at Anticipation in Montréal

This is my schedule for Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, August 6-10 in Montréal.

  • Friday 10:00 a.m., Room P-521A: Group Reading (90 min.)
    Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
    readers: Camille Alexa, Elissa Malcohn, Inanna Arthen, Kathryn Sullivan, Phoebe Wray, Sylvia Kelso, Trish Wooldridge
  • Friday 7:00 p.m., Room P-511BE: Panel (Moderating) (60 min.)
    What’s the Score?
    Description: If music be the food of SF movies, play on. From Bernard Herrmann to John Williams to Danny Elfman, who are the great composers of SF movies and why should we care? (We’ll have music clips to illustrate!)
    with Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Chris Becker, Nir Yaniv
  • Friday 9:00 p.m., Room P-513B: Panel (60 min.)
    Vampire Rules–and How to Recognize Them Without a Mirror
    Description: Are there vampire rules that writers MUST follow? Some experts and enthusiasts discuss vampires, including eastern vs western vampires.
    with Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Karen Dales, Victoria Janssen (mod.)
  • Saturday 9:00 p.m., Room P-518A: Panel (60 min.)
    Love Bites
    Description: More than just your normal love-bite: how did paranormal romance enter the mainstream?
    with Alaya Dawn Johnson, Ellen Denham, Margaret Ronald (mod.), Pierce Watters of Planet Stories
  • Sunday 12:30 p.m., Room P-511CF: Panel (Moderating) (90 min.)
    Harry Potter: The Movie
    Description: How did “The Half Blood Prince” stack up to the book? To the other movies? Does knowing how the book series ends change our anticipation for the last two films (“Deathly Hallows” will be two movies)? Are there actually fans of the movie series who haven’t read the books?
    with Adrienne Martini, Mike Willmoth, Shira Daemon, Toni Lay, Kathy Sands
  • Sunday 10:00 p.m., Delta Suite 2802: PARTY! (indefinite length)
    By Light Unseen Media/Broad Universe/A Novel Friend/Gideon Redoak Launch Party
    Co-hosted by Inanna Arthen, Trisha J. Wooldridge, Christy Tohara and Broad Universe. We’ll start when the Hugo Awards are done, which may be earlier or later than 10:00.

I’ll post changes or updates to this schedule when and if they come in. I asked for a reading time and did not get assigned one. I asked again, and so far have not had a response, but I’m still hoping. If you’re going to Anticipation, let me know so we can get together up there! It will be a big convention and you can’t have too many friends in a crowd.

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